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The popular hidden role game Among Us but with a twist! Proximity Chat means we can hear all nearby players whether they are innocent or imposter. Imposters sabotage crewmate tasks. Report the body and discussion time begins. Vote out the imposter to win as a crewmate.
SMALLBEANS: @SmallishBeans
Oli: @TheOrionSound
Joey: @Joey Graceffa
Scott: @Dangthatsalongname
fwhip: @fWhip
Jimmy: @Solidarity
Gloom: @Gloom
Dave: @Boyinaband
CHarlie: @ChaiPlaysGames
Seapeekay: @SeaPeeKay
Lauren: @LaurenzSide
Maddie: www.twitch.tv/stardewmaddie
Will: www.twitch.tv/PressAtoGo
Twitter: LDShadowLady
Facebook: LDShadowLadyFB
Instagram: ldshadowlady
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/ldshadowlady

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KingCake 03
KingCake 03 13 minutes ago
Oml i haven’t seen your vids in so long
Fabienne Gorringe
Fabienne Gorringe 17 minutes ago
since u r mostly impostor u could call ur self LDKillerLady 👹
Fabienne Gorringe
Fabienne Gorringe 26 minutes ago
hi lizzie i love ur vids so muxh i like it before i even wach it the among us vids are soo cool pls could u do more like these pls
Sarcasm Hour ago
The first round you guys kept saying it’s safe when it wasn’t😭
Ryker Foss
Ryker Foss 2 hours ago
Did you know that your new intro uses the same song as you did 9 years ago owo
Stupic Alyx
Stupic Alyx 2 hours ago
"Lizzie I cannot believe what just happened" I died 😂😂 right after she accused oli she was slAUGHTERED
Mahbubur Rahman
Mahbubur Rahman 3 hours ago
You are thinking why am I telling you about kawaiiworld actually I'm a girl
Mahbubur Rahman
Mahbubur Rahman 3 hours ago
I'm telling you play kawaiiworld please it doesn't have some things that it is in Minecraft. I want to see if you survive
Mahbubur Rahman
Mahbubur Rahman 3 hours ago
Play kawaiiworld
Mahbubur Rahman
Mahbubur Rahman 3 hours ago
Please make a series of it I would love it
Mahbubur Rahman
Mahbubur Rahman 3 hours ago
It is a Minecraft it doesn't have some things in real Minecraft let me see how you can servive
RENEE LEONG ZI ERN Moe 3 hours ago
this is weird you guys go to Smallishbeans cannel you can see he have oufit on but this dont have is a glicht thing
Mahbubur Rahman
Mahbubur Rahman 3 hours ago
Umm Lizzie you know what I was thinking that you have played Minecraft, and Minecraft modded what is you play kawaiiworld
Maria Goreti Martins
Maria Goreti Martins 3 hours ago
Lizzie:poor pheo
Iola Tompson
Iola Tompson 5 hours ago
When Dave said "I'll be back" After he killed Joel he sounded like Joey
Tanvi Bawa
Tanvi Bawa 6 hours ago
How does she make every single vide so hilarious! And I LOVE her voice, Its SO beautiful!
Its That Girl Daisy
Its That Girl Daisy 6 hours ago
Why do all the among us youtubers cover the bottom of the screen with something??
Joely Chamberlain
Joely Chamberlain 7 hours ago
*lizzie kills someone obviously in front of everyone Joel: IT'S PHEO
Joely Chamberlain
Joely Chamberlain 7 hours ago
Can we PLEASE have a part 2???? :)))))))))))
Larry Maxwell
Larry Maxwell 7 hours ago
joel: awww pheos dead... no one cares XD
ThirrinDiamond 7 hours ago
Julie Limpio
Julie Limpio 7 hours ago
Uhm this might be a wierd question but who want lizzie to do a another ♥one life♥ series again ☺️ plss lizzie •like if u want lizie to do a another one life series again• plsss people
Hazel Cheung
Hazel Cheung 8 hours ago
Who else is watching this over and over again 🔻
Luca Summers
Luca Summers 8 hours ago
Hi yo
alieN 8 hours ago
Everytime I watch Lizzie's videos, my vocabulary grows bigger.
NIÑA MAE CUADRA 8 hours ago
Hi im nina im a really really big fan I want to say it was my birthday yesterday so pls do more vids
wasanani Wibawa
wasanani Wibawa 9 hours ago
Ooh moriah elisabeth watches this
Lauren Fenwick
Lauren Fenwick 9 hours ago
Danica Per
Danica Per 9 hours ago
Can you do a game that is called fnaf sister location
Chugless 2.0
Chugless 2.0 10 hours ago
That was so funny I was laughing my head of the whole time 😂😂😂
Charlotte Williamson
Charlotte Williamson 11 hours ago
Ellie Clem
Ellie Clem 11 hours ago
Jesus loves everyone ❤️
Marley Newell
Marley Newell 12 hours ago
Lizzie you should do a shadowcraft 3.0! I have been binge watching shadowcraft and have been thinking you should make a 3.0!
JJ plays
JJ plays 12 hours ago
It is so funny that in the first round lizzie killed will and went like '' Oh scott '' and no one noticed
Noa van den Berg
Noa van den Berg 13 hours ago
Lizzie: You're about to whitness why i lose every single game. Literally winning every game lmao
La la Lu lu
La la Lu lu 13 hours ago
I think Lizzie should win an award for most lucky impostor, I mean c'mon: Lizzie: I have a task over here now- *then kills Oli in front of everyone* Everyone else: IT WAS PHEO! Lizzie: *laughs* Everyone:* Doesn't notice because they are all blaming Pheo* Everyone: *Votes Pheo off* 👁 👄 👁
GameplayThatShouldntHappen 14 hours ago
it’s sad to say that one day i’ll be older and you will too, and you’ll stop recording, and i’ll have nothing to do but remember how you got me out of my screaming parents, you kept me from so much..
Kahley’s life Of awesomeness
Kahley’s life Of awesomeness 15 hours ago
Ok am I the only one who thinks Lizzie neeeddd to post more Among Us videos
Random stuff with Andy
Random stuff with Andy 15 hours ago
Murber Murber
Maria Goreti Martins
Maria Goreti Martins 17 hours ago
Maria Goreti Martins
Maria Goreti Martins 17 hours ago
Lizxie WHYYY 😭😭😭😭😭
Maria Goreti Martins
Maria Goreti Martins 17 hours ago
Maddie: hooray I am imposter
Snazzy 17 hours ago
my childhood-
Maria Goreti Martins
Maria Goreti Martins 17 hours ago
Lizzie: hehe I’m am the iMpOsTeR :)
Princess Ealynn Manalo
Princess Ealynn Manalo 17 hours ago
Liz please do more videos all the rest of the make videos. I love you liz!!!! I hope you have a good year love you I don't have sefleg so I watch your videos please lizzie do this x life with your husband
Christine Souchet
Christine Souchet 18 hours ago
Omg I’m such a fan please give me a shout out
Ally Nieto
Ally Nieto 18 hours ago
hey lizzie were still waiting for more factions xD
Rohan De Lanerolle
Rohan De Lanerolle 18 hours ago
Omg why didn’t Lizzy put in when she killed kassie infront of Scott and Lauren that was hilarious
Savannah Trower
Savannah Trower 18 hours ago
Lizzie so sus :3
The Purple Tellatubby
The Purple Tellatubby 19 hours ago
You staceyplays stampylongnose gamingwithjen and many more built my childhood and I’m coming back to say thank you 😊
Sofia Picone
Sofia Picone 19 hours ago
I just watched this over on laurens channel
Juli Alsadi
Juli Alsadi 19 hours ago
And I have a task in here kill report ha ha
Juli Alsadi
Juli Alsadi 19 hours ago
Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok me ok me me
Sophie Lefebvre élève
Sophie Lefebvre élève 19 hours ago
i am a good boi not a bad boi -joel
conor Egan
conor Egan 19 hours ago
Why did you stop playing the simes you are soo good and your are soo funny pls play more pls
grizzylove style
grizzylove style 19 hours ago
5:40 is my favorite 😂😂😂
grizzylove style
grizzylove style 19 hours ago
omg I love this made me laugh 🤣🤣
Amelia Foster
Amelia Foster 19 hours ago
"If nobody's suspicious of Scott, you've gotta be suspicious of Scott! That's what I've learnt now." Me: "If someone trusts Oli, they're probably the impostor. That's what I'VE learnt."
Lilly Peake
Lilly Peake 20 hours ago
Your so pretty like my mom but I think my mom is the prettiest person in the world
senni bgon
senni bgon 20 hours ago
Joel: “I think it’s Pheo.” Pheo: “It’s not me I was with Will!” Realization Pheo: “Will is dead.” Congratulations to Pheo for winning the most suspicious of the year award.
Zzzz _1007
Zzzz _1007 8 hours ago
U copied a top comment wth
Maddie Cakes
Maddie Cakes 20 hours ago
My brother's name is Charlie
Maddie Cakes
Maddie Cakes 20 hours ago
My name is Maddie
Shannon Hook
Shannon Hook 21 hour ago
Hazel Claystar
Hazel Claystar 21 hour ago
Why does she look different here? Just me?
c o c o g o a t
c o c o g o a t 21 hour ago
Lizzie: “I’m about to claim the title of World’s Worst Among Us Player” Kassie: “Lizzie is a really smart player”
senni bgon
senni bgon 20 hours ago
My brother's name is Charlie
Gavin Watts
Gavin Watts 21 hour ago
Hey I got your next X Life video idea. Joel has got this room where you have to succeed and win Jeremy. Then you could ban it. Tell Joey call a witches meeting.
S u n n y R o s e s
S u n n y R o s e s 22 hours ago
*Real Title: Lizzie losing again xD (or is she winning o?o)*
Mika the Gamer Wolf
Mika the Gamer Wolf 22 hours ago
The funny thing will be to Spam the Vent until someone pressed the red button and say that you just clean the vents
Cookie Kake
Cookie Kake 22 hours ago
kate manlangit
kate manlangit 22 hours ago
there was this one time i tried to do a trick i learned where you turn off the lights and kill in admin but when i did the kill the lights were already back on and i got voted off T-T👍
Kyra Alston
Kyra Alston 22 hours ago
Can you play gloom’s rolblox story
Aubrie Disterhaupt
Aubrie Disterhaupt 22 hours ago
No one: Not a single soul: LDShadowLady fans: can’t wait for her to post a new vid and when she does, absolutely loves it.
Zahraa Habeeb
Zahraa Habeeb 23 hours ago
Experiment League
Experiment League 23 hours ago
Joel: *Do you hear that?*
Izzy H
Izzy H Day ago
Can anyone tell me what headphones Lizzie is wearing? :)
MaggDiy Day ago
Cindy Kaufer
Cindy Kaufer Day ago
I hope Lizzie will see this :/ I really want Ld to play Star Stable again I'm going to comment on a couple of her videos hoping she will see these comments.
Nelly Markiewicz
Nelly Markiewicz Day ago
More toca blocks please 🙂
I really should go to sleep now
I really should go to sleep now Day ago
Lizzie in the thumbnail: O:3
SJ official
SJ official Day ago
No one: Joel: blue dabidy dabi DIED
Gracie Enger
Gracie Enger Day ago
If anyone sees a baby black and white pit bull puppy he responds to trouble he was stolen by my mom's ex boyfriend I used all my money for him :(
Lxttiee Day ago
Among Us tip: if you have any tasks there, go to Electrical IMMIDIATELY after any emergency meetings or after the game starts. the impostor will be on cooldown and cant murder you. but, if you see them vent in/out you can report them!
scarlettocornetto Day ago
Lizzie why don't you do any more sims 4 I really want to see more? xx
Karen Baker
Karen Baker Day ago
Dave: Any one want to come in it’s safe Dave 1 murder later: I lied
Remy Peewee
Remy Peewee Day ago
April Gardner
April Gardner Day ago
I want backpacks
Willow The Gamer
Willow The Gamer Day ago
Are you and Joel still together?
GlitterGirl Day ago
I was the worlds worst among us player when i first played. I could not read so i called a meeting and asked "Why is my name in red?"
Pink Deer
Pink Deer Day ago
i saw oli faking at 12:36 in the vid it teleports u to the right spot and he wasnt in the right spot
Holly Manfield
Holly Manfield Day ago
Hey Lizzie! Can you play some more Roblox? I really liked it when u did!
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Day ago
Joel: “I think it’s Pheo.” Pheo: “It’s not me I was with Will!” Realization Pheo: “Will is dead.” Congratulations to Pheo for winning the most suspicious of the year award.
Zzzz _1007
Zzzz _1007 8 hours ago
U just copy pasted a top comment
Vardenis Pavardenis
Vardenis Pavardenis Day ago
Dave: Its safe anyone wanna come? Char: HAHHAHA HAHA
Sarah The Wolf
Sarah The Wolf Day ago
Dave: hey anyone wanna come here it’s safe Charlie: ah ha ha ha Dave kills Lizzie ah the way he was laughing was so innocent
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Day ago
Spy ningers 1000
Spy ningers 1000 Day ago
Go fwip
Riddhit Mandada
Riddhit Mandada Day ago
Or qr
Riddhit Mandada
Riddhit Mandada Day ago
U have 928473838634728368372638948226M subs (what)
Elenita Aparicio
Elenita Aparicio Day ago
XxLilsatronxX _Gacha
XxLilsatronxX _Gacha Day ago
I think you have officially claimed the worlds worst among us player title
Eman Mudathir
Eman Mudathir Day ago
My cousin says she hates u.....and i LOVE U sooooo....... I GOT SOOO MAD THAT I WANTED TO HIT HER.....soooo I did for u I love ur vids plz stay healthy
Match RBLX
Match RBLX Day ago
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