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Joel Ortiz
Joel Ortiz 11 hours ago
Noa van den Berg
Noa van den Berg 11 hours ago
Lizzie: You're about to whitness why i lose every single game. Literally winning every game lmao
Techy 11 hours ago
Oh my God. I remember putting this in my watch history like 3 years ago back when I first subscribed. I never even forgot about this, I just didn't realize how long I've been putting this off. Jesus christ it felt like 6 months
Madelyn Shrader
Madelyn Shrader 11 hours ago
I've been watching you since elementary school, I don't remember exactly so long, but I love you and your content so much <3 you and Joel raised me and I wanted to play Minecraft because of you. Thank you.
Madi 11 hours ago
In water
Madi 11 hours ago
Building challenge but building a Enderman
Samuel Henley
Samuel Henley 11 hours ago
What mods do you use for 1 life
Joanna Milroy
Joanna Milroy 11 hours ago
Good job on doing the bas but I want to do it✨
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz 12 hours ago
I really liked 1 life
Kristen Hooper
Kristen Hooper 12 hours ago
What do princesses eat Royal cake
Lucie McCarthy
Lucie McCarthy 12 hours ago
I think Lizzie should win an award for most lucky impostor, I mean c'mon: Lizzie: I have a task over here now- *then kills Oli in front of everyone* Everyone else: IT WAS PHEO! Lizzie: *laughs* Everyone:* Doesn't notice because they are all blaming Pheo* Everyone: *Votes Pheo off* 👁 👄 👁
namita silvano
namita silvano 12 hours ago
Lizze I love you Lizzie XOXOXO pari lol
Renato So
Renato So 12 hours ago
Does anyone even notice that smalishbeans is like hiding in the trees
Gerald Erzuelo
Gerald Erzuelo 12 hours ago
*I think i will go emo after this O-O*
GameplayThatShouldntHappen 12 hours ago
it’s sad to say that one day i’ll be older and you will too, and you’ll stop recording, and i’ll have nothing to do but remember how you got me out of my screaming parents, you kept me from so much..
남은지 12 hours ago
14:07 OHHH did you see all of those axes?????
Renato So
Renato So 12 hours ago
For honest im a crazy player and and a bad builder before bcz i just accidently burn my house but i made a rainbow castle and its cute and crazy
Nan Sweet
Nan Sweet 12 hours ago
Lizzie: The fairy lights are broken! Katherine: My worst nightmare
leopika’s child
leopika’s child 12 hours ago
ive found myself back here. rewatching. again.
flatfish18 12 hours ago
A Edna Purvis
A Edna Purvis 12 hours ago
nanyadanar aung
nanyadanar aung 12 hours ago
Can you give zoey puple
A Edna Purvis
A Edna Purvis 12 hours ago
A Edna Purvis
A Edna Purvis 12 hours ago
There's a bear in crop field does anyone else think we should all bug lizzie to get a bear and put it in a cage over lava 👁_👁
A Edna Purvis
A Edna Purvis 12 hours ago
Lizzie:HEY you seen taladaga me:Moon island vs lizzie:WHERE'S TALADAGA me:seriously face palms ._. ._. .....
Cloudy Noya
Cloudy Noya 12 hours ago
Hello This is the longest comment you’ve seen :)
A Edna Purvis
A Edna Purvis 12 hours ago
A flying bird or is taladaga flightless
_ariaC_ 12 hours ago
Lizzie: Shigaraki Meghan: Toga Olie: kurogiri Joel: twice
A Edna Purvis
A Edna Purvis 12 hours ago
Wait is taladaga
Sapphire drop rain
Sapphire drop rain 12 hours ago
What the heck
AzaleaAngel 12 hours ago
Hi! I think it would be a good idea to cover the whole bookshelf in the paintings so that nobody can tell the difference!! (I haven’t yet finished the video so Idk if you do that)
_ariaC_ 13 hours ago
Lizzie: Shigaraki Meghan: Toga Olie: kurogiri Joel: twice
Harman Deep
Harman Deep 13 hours ago
Sylvie ninja picture of e name the pig you'll be chill video video video video
Carmen Blanco
Carmen Blanco 13 hours ago
the chickens were both called CLUCKey
ItzChix 13 hours ago
_ariaC_ 13 hours ago
Lizzie: Shigaraki Meghan: Toga Olie: kurogiri Joel: twice
xBasiicErinx 13 hours ago
Hi Lizzie, I just want to say, Happy very late birthday <3 I have been watching you ever since 2016 You are one of my favourite minecraft youtubers! You are an amazing builder and minecraft player. You always make me happy and laugh.. From Erin xx
DAIVI DOTSON 13 hours ago
I’m a USpostser
ItzChix 13 hours ago
9:09 the way joey types 😂😂
I feel like im an emotional roller coaster
Eliza Sully
Eliza Sully 13 hours ago
the people that disliked are jerks they are just here to bring people down
Princessheart Benemerito
Princessheart Benemerito 13 hours ago
Oml i was almost to be with u i waa born in 2012
Aileen roxan Lagasca
Aileen roxan Lagasca 13 hours ago
Im watching u for 100 years
gølđ lîghţ
gølđ lîghţ 13 hours ago
I like the sleep over room QwQ
Jessica Moon
Jessica Moon 13 hours ago
U should get a staff thingy like Joey dose so he could cheat in your obby
Eden Brewer
Eden Brewer 13 hours ago
You spun wishing well but you never made one 😒😂❤️still love your vids
Why are my all the childhood is raising too fast 😭 Yammy has a child Dan is a dad Lauren is having baby Lizzie is getting married Kassie is gonna get married Pat and Jen divorced
Kahley’s life Of awesomeness
Kahley’s life Of awesomeness 13 hours ago
Ok am I the only one who thinks Lizzie neeeddd to post more Among Us videos
Leo E
Leo E 14 hours ago
Is anyone else traveling into the depths of lizzie old videos. Ps Lizzie if you some how see this please bring this challenge back.
Random stuff with Andy
Random stuff with Andy 14 hours ago
Murber Murber
Klade Baby
Klade Baby 14 hours ago
Also now it's 2021
Bella Gonzales
Bella Gonzales 14 hours ago
my favorite part of this videos with Ali falls into the puffer fish hole and says oh I laughed so hard🤣🤣
Ariana playz
Ariana playz 14 hours ago
How would you hate green?!
Klade Baby
Klade Baby 14 hours ago
I watched the series of long time ago and I'm just remembering all the memories
Rhenz kylle bago
Rhenz kylle bago 14 hours ago
Change it to find make a Freddy and some sharks
DAIVI DOTSON 14 hours ago
Eden Brewer
Eden Brewer 14 hours ago
Your base that you made is so cute I love the chicken 😂🌸❤️
Amanda Bathurst
Amanda Bathurst 14 hours ago
Hi yes I think it should stay those colors I think this is old but idk
Ava Kasim
Ava Kasim 14 hours ago
Garrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy pls 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤩🤩🤩🤩🙃🙃🙃🙃
Tarsha BAENSCH 14 hours ago
Joel: now did you like the ride Lizzie:I fell in the water.....
aralynn arnold
aralynn arnold 14 hours ago
She did not add the well girl just why can u add the well pls!
aralynn arnold
aralynn arnold 14 hours ago
Like if she didn't add well
Jona Porteous
Jona Porteous 14 hours ago
m x n s o o n n
m x n s o o n n 14 hours ago
9:06 Smajor tryed to swim in lava .-.
Shaileigh Jane
Shaileigh Jane 14 hours ago
Okay i was ur fan since im 6 ldsadow lady also the answers are prince boutquie idk how spell thay so umm and ur wand is green and also unqie in ur house is u and ur bedroom :3 also if u get a pey ld name it luna thx
Liz Ferrell
Liz Ferrell 14 hours ago
For Crafting table varients~ Pride Flag Color combos would be a lovely addition. Woodtypes from the major Biome mods~ Biome's o Plenty, Pam's Harvestcraft Trees, BYG, ect. Cannabis leaf?! :D more Holiday variants~ St. Patrick's Day, Christmas color Giftbox, you kinda covered a few with the patterned ones.
sweetperfumes 14 hours ago
If y’all are asking the chocobos are originally from Final Fantasy! Very great video game! <3
Liz Ferrell
Liz Ferrell 14 hours ago
Disney Wish hats! Awesome, so unique of a mod & I love the implementation of the ores. You asked for hat ideas, here's a few: Princess set~ Crowns n Tiaras, the typical hairstyles like....The Cinderella Bun, Snow's Bob w/ headband, Marida's Curly locks or braided w/ long bangs, Ariel w/ whatsitz in her hair, other princesses... Maleficent's Horns~ There are a couple head covering variants for her. Mandalorian Helmet~ Maybe some other Star Wars variants?
Red Moon
Red Moon 14 hours ago
I look blood moon’s because a get to beat up mobs
TheUltimateFusion 14 hours ago
lizzie you didnt kill lord herobrine
Blixy- -playz
Blixy- -playz 14 hours ago
I love rewatching videos that I used to watch 2 years ago
Mila Contino Clark
Mila Contino Clark 14 hours ago
Undertale 4 life
Undertale 4 life 14 hours ago
Why do I get The Owl House vibes from the word "Coven"?- I mean there are several Witches Covens in The Owl House. (The Owl House is a Disney TV show for kids by the way.)
Mila Contino Clark
Mila Contino Clark 15 hours ago
Names the Villager mending man
kxkurt 15 hours ago
Wobble wobble wobble :D
Chris Ashley
Chris Ashley 15 hours ago
Omg I love home :2
bloxy bros
bloxy bros 15 hours ago
Little did Joel know, *that toilet paper would mean a lot to Lizzie*
Pøtåto 15 hours ago
pxachyvibes - Roblox
pxachyvibes - Roblox 15 hours ago
when she really said "I'm pretty sure lava doesn't exsist anymore because I would've fallen in it" like honestly my kind of energy